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Growing Fun Malaysia is a leading educational toy specialty chain store retailing in quality educational products  from Europe, USA and Asia. We specialize in wholesome toys for children from newborn to 12 years of age. We are widely recognised for our range of creative and high quality teaching resources and fun play and have been commended by educational institutions like Pre-schools, Childcares and Primary Schools.

At Growing Fun Malaysia, we offer a wide variety of selection including Mathematics, Science, Phonics/Language, Manipulatives, Puzzles, Board games and Crafts.

Founded in 1992 by an Associate Professor of Nanyang Technological University, a University in Singapore, Growing Fun is committed to helping parents develop the innate learning abilities in their children.

Growing Fun believes Play is essential to a child’s development. Children can have fun while learning about themselves, their environment and the people around them through play. Quality educational toys are instrumental in helping children become creative, confident and accelerate learning through their play experiences.

Growing Fun screens and test thousands of toys and educational products, selecting only the best products that meet Growing Fun’s strict 5 Fold Criteria:

  1. Educational: the toys allow children to explore and discover for themselves, rather than learning by rote;
  2. Fun: the toys are Kid Tested, to ensure they really enjoy them!
  3. Safe: we ensure that non-toxic paints and other safety considerations are adhered to;
  4. Value for Money; and
  5. User-Friendly: Operation, with or without instructions, are self explanatory.

Visit our stores today and let our well-trained staff help you select the right toy.
We look forward to serving you at GROWING FUN MALAYSIA.


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