Magformers My First Ice World 30pcs Set
Brand: Magformers
Product Code: MAGF-702003
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Magformers My First Set Line 30 Piece Set - Ice World

Magformers My First Ice World Set 30 pcs set is an ideal introductory kit for imaginative creator buds. The vivid  ‘Arctic’ theme colours on the Magformers pieces are attracting for your toddlers. Many vivid models representing the Arctic with Magformers White Solid pieces can be made, for example a snowman, igloo, polar bear, walrus, snowflake and more shapes. There is a model booklet in the packaging box

The Magformers My First Ice World set includes 30 pieces total: 16 triangles and 14 squares. All the Magformer pieces are made of BPA Free HQABS Plastic, it will not harm your children. The Magformers is recommended for age 3 years and above.

Why do we choose Magformers?

These high-quality Magnetic pieces are always connect - never reject is the key of Magformers become one of the best among others similar educational toys.

Magformers discover a World of Limitless Imagination, Creativity and Learning! Magformers construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are endless!

Creativity and Brain Development 

Magformers is the best 3D toys for children's creativity and brain development. The magnet pieces can transfer 2D plan share to over 100 type of 3D geometric structures. Children can recognize the principles of magnets by feeling the magnetic power.

The Characteristic of Magnet and The Principle of Magformers

It has a positive and negative pole. The opposite poles of magnet attract each other while the same poles of the magnet repel each other.

The neodymium magnets which are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of MAGFORMERS make it rotate to any direction and connect each other regardless of their position when two MAGFORMERS are brought together.

Therefore, it is not designed only for stacking purpose like normal blocks. It shows amazing connecting powers!

Development Benefits of Magformers

Stimulative : Promote balanced growth of the brain by requiring children to use both hands (Stimulates left & right parts of the brain).Triggers children's curiosity and enhances their sense of achievement and satisfaction throught playing.

Creative : Fosters children's ability to create new shapes and ideas and promote unbound imagination.

Mathematics : Helps children to make basic figures and regular polyhedron such as a regular tetrahedron and cube. While playing, children acquire mathematical skils.

Scientific : Stimulating users to access and learn science easily which is generally considered difficult. Understanding the structure of chemical compound.

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